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Being a sole-trader is one of the most straightforward structures for an individual who wants to run their own business. However, it does come with a little more responsibility than being an employee. One additional responsibility you have is tracking your income and expenses and lodging your yearly tax return, including a business schedule. 

Our sole-traders packages are best suited for people contracting as a tradesperson, general labourer, or an Uber driver.

We offer three different fixed pricing options for sole traders based on their business's volume and complexity. If you are unsure of your obligations, reach out to us today, and we can help put you on the right path. 

In addition to these packages, we provide more complex services aimed at larger businesses. We will give you a fixed price quote after a short discussion. 

Why Choose 

  • Your sole-trader tax return includes your personal income tax return!

  • Packages competitevly priced for contractor(s), tradesperson(s), and even Uber driver(s)

  • Fixed price packages with optional add-ons

  • Lodge with your spouse and save $20

  • 10+ years of expert industry experience

Simple no-trick pricing....

We think you deserve to know how much it will cost before we start working.

ABN Only

Ideal for businesses with annual income under $75,000


Income under $75,000

Not registered for GST

One motor vehicle with a logbook 

No subcontractors or employees

GST Registered

Purpose built pricing for sole-traders registered for GST with no employees


Registered for GST 

Unlimited number of motor vehicles with a logbook 

No subcontractors or employees

Complex Business 

Need a little more? For growing small to medium business in any industry. 


Income above $75,000 

Registered for GST 

Unlimited subcontractors 

Up to 5 employees

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